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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Comel sungguh beliau ini.

[Biar betul? Umur you 22? I ingat you baru 17 or 18]
[Ya Allah. Seriously? I tot you still in secondary school and wearing uniform. So cute]
[Omaigod. You are so charming. Comel. Macam budak sekolah]
etc etc.

Antara tweets yang biasa aku dapat once I introduce myself to one that wanna know how young I am. 99.9% of them like screaming in front of their tab, lappy, phone etc etc bila aku cakap I am 22 y/o lady/. Goddit? Almost 22 and peoples still thinking that I'm should go to school, attending assembly every Monday, listening to ever bored principal speech, wearing blue-skirt white-blouse(?), socks, backpack, extra classes and stay cute. Am I cute in that way? lewls~

Tidak tahu mengapa. Tapi Alhamdulillah, I accept all those compliments as a anugerah. Tidak ada apa yang nak dibanggakan oleh perempuan ini dengan paras rupa yang sementara ni. Yup. I'm not pretty, because all those peoples who love to praise me saying that I'm cute, comel etc. Not pretty. Not hot. Gorgeous? naa~

Dah lah pemalas update blog. Dah blog huduh. Dah lah entry merapu. tsk tsk T_T
Its okey haters. I take it too.
Take it in awesome way.

Tengoklah perempuan ni dalam versi berwarna-warni pulak. Ohsem kan? EH. Ini background twitter. Siapa followers beliau, they knew it.   hikhik. *blushing*


I made a lot of friends at twitter. We stay back together (should we call it hang out?) .  Gossiping, tweeting like a boss for almost every topics. No insecure. I think I like this kind of friendship, peoples read our tweets, reply it, laugh to it with HAHA words, try to come out as cool as possible tweets with hot trending. Yes, I just love it. We never meet each other. We know them through their twitcon and 140 characters tweet. Just it. But still, we can be a friend. Awesome.

So guys, let be friend. I think,  wanna change my bio. Can I change it by add some values at my year of birth? boo to me. 

Stay cute peeps.

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