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Thursday, October 13, 2011

in a good mood =)

before lunch. went to see my professor to discuss about proposal. really great of him,still explaining the best explaination while munching crackers as lunch for his student. thank you sir. so far so good, my proposal in good content! yipppey!. then he said this to me, when he saw my blank face during his explaination. 
"owh dear, please keep smiling. when you smile you looks more handsome!"
handsome? pardon sir? haha. i'm a girl.
"hey guys! you know what the meaning of handsome girl? that means she is more beautiful than beautiful girl." he said to some of my boy friends at the back of his office.
with blushed face of mine.
i said "thank you sir".
hehe. really love to see him. he know how to treat his student nicely during rough time~ =)

p/s:need to go. i have english class until night. fighting for it. 

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